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How To Improve Your Skin Health Tips  Let's talk about a healthy skin routine and how to improve your skin health. Due to quarantine all around the world most of us are not using makeup these days and this is the best time to take good care of our skin while staying at home.

After research and lots of conversations with different people and observation, I've concluded we all are repeating the same mistakes.

This problem needs a solution and I am sharing the healthy skin improvement tips with you and some best skin care and skin-friendly products for your daily skin routine and some best practices. These practices improve your skin health.

What do we apply? How do we apply different products to our skin? How does lifestyle affect the skin? That's a major concern.

Today we are going to discuss these topics mentioned below:

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Be Gentle with your Skin
  • Avoid Sun Exposure
  • Intake Antioxidant Rich Food
  • Use Clean and Hygienic pillows
  • Take Quality Sleep
  • Use Branded Makeup Products
  • Use Collagen Supplements
  • Follow Diet Plan


To run everything smoothly your body needs lots of water throughout the day for healthy hydrated skin, because our body is made up of lots of water you need to drink lots of water.

it depends on the person and it varies according to the need of the individual. One pound of body weight needs one ounce of water a day. So according to this formula, you need to apply it according to your body weight.

Drinking also flush out the toxic material out of your body and you get glowing and fresh-looking skin and you will immediately notice the difference.


Makeup wipes are not a healthy alternative for skin cleansing daily routine. lots of people rely on wipes but these are for traveling purposes when water or cleanser is not available. Wipes are not ideal. Bridle makeup need lots of water to wipe all the makeup wipes are not recommend.

Skin Inflammation and Irritation are caused mostly when you rub your face too harshly with a towel or wipes.

Bolt your face gently in a cotton towel and then rinse with cold sink water. Don't use wipes, use just water because water loves your skin and natural cleanser too. 


Limited Sun exposure is good for your skin because natural sunlight has vitamin D and it is good for your skin immunity. Sunbeam is a Gift from nature. Prolonged exposure is dangerous especially from 10-12 in the noon.

Use Sunblock or sunscreen lotion with minerals with SPF at this sun peak hours on different exposed areas of your skin.

Avoid chemical sunscreen lotion because chemicals have toxins that are dangerous for your skin. Use a hat and sunshades to protect your head and eyes from direct sunlight.


With time aging occurs and due to this skin cell damage and skin cell oxidation occurs. Antioxidants are very beneficial for skin and body health.

There are lots of food nature provides us that have plenty of antioxidants in it. 

Some antioxidant-rich foods are as follow:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Berries
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Green Tea
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Fish

and the list continues. We need to include the food mentioned above in our diet and slow the natural process of oxidation and improve the appearance of skin and keep your skin hydrated too because all the antioxidant-rich food has plenty of water in it and nutritious your skin internally.


While sleeping our body produces lots of oils, dirt, and dead skin that is transferred to the pillowcase, even sebum, and acne-causing bacteria also.

I recommend using a clean and sterilized pillowcase if possible regularly or use disposable towel sheets and cover your pillow with that sheet.

You can also use a silk pillowcase because natural organic silk has antibacterial properties also and less-oil soaking properties also as compared to cotton. and silky smooth fabric is good for your skin also.

sleeping on your back prevents this problem also and even wrinkles.


Speaking of sleep, it seems like sleep ends up on every single list of “how to improve” anything in your life, and that’s for a good reason.

Sleep helps our body to restore its power and other important things our body needs. Sleep improves almost anything. while at night your body turns it into self-repairing mode and generates lots of new cells while sleeping.

Make a habit of sleeping early and wake up early. Less sleep gives you fine lines, patchiness and redness, and even dark circles around your eyes, and then you need a makeup concealer to hide that.


There are lots of products in the market nowadays that it's difficult to choose the skin-friendly brands that care about their client's skin. Focuses More on Client than on Money.

It is important to see the ingredients used in a product .Nowadays many cosmetic products have mercury in it that is a skin silent enemy.

Use good quality foundations on your skin. use quality eyeshadows and lip shades because eyes and lips are the most sensitive area.

Branded Makeup Products give you the security that your skin is safe after using their products but if you save money then you may face consequences.


Our body produces collagen naturally but with age that natural process slows down and your body loses elasticity and your skin looks older and older with time.

Daily intake of collagen supplements increases the chances of improving the elasticity of your skin. And you get much younger-looking skin. and you get a change in other body parts such as joints hairs and nails too because these parts also need collagen.

Bovine and Marine Collagen supplements are best for skin so choose those.


Eat the food that is good for your health and avoid junk oily food. Avoid sugar, dairy, and processed food, and also avoid alcohol. 

These foods are not good for your skin. Too much sugar gives your skin redness so reduce the high sugar intake. Following a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet plays a vital role in skin improvement.

Below are the following more points that put a huge impact on the skin if followed properly.

  • Use Serum on your skin at night after the cleansing process.
  • Avoid unnecessary skin touch because hands hold bacteria.
  • Exercise daily because this will tone your body.
  • Post Workout Rinse Off with clean water.
  • Keep hormones in check.
  • Use Antioxidant and Antibacterial Protection for your skin.

Author:Owais Ahmad Janjua

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