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Makeup is every girl's weakness and every girl wanna look pretty. Since every girl wants to grab onto the latest trends and tricks of makeup these days, let us begin with the trendy makeup look 2021.

Moving down toward the makeup world, you must know that makeup is all about experimenting. Generating new techniques, involving more colors, and setting up the latest example to follow. Let us begin our tour to explore new flavors of makeup.

 1: Embrace your Skin Tone

Embrace Your Skin

There was a time when everyone was just looking for fair skin. Girls used to get medications for getting sparkling skin as it used to be a beauty standard. But now the trend is about embracing your beauty and being confident about your skin tone.

Use a foundation of your skin tone or one shade lighter just to cover your dark spots. Just go with the skin glass effect. Have some liner and mascara. Now enhance your lips with a brighter lip color and Voila! There you go with a trendy look of the season.(use images contain dark and light skin tones with light makeup)



2. Eyeshade of the year


Eyeshade of the year Miss Rose

Blue hues are the most in color of the season.


Many famous makeup artists are seen experimenting the illuminated blue shades on different models.

Color tones of blue go amazing with every skin tone whether you are wearing it on tan or fair skin.

If you are going to wear these illuminated shades then remember to put a nude lip color to balance these blazing blue shades. 


3. Eyeliner a game-changer


Neon Eyeliner

Don't ever think to put a black eyeliner on these beautiful blue shades.

In 2021, white eyeliner is a new trend and the game changer in your makeup look.

White eyeliner is the most eye-catching trend which has put the classic black eyeliner far behind.

While putting eyeliner take care of your previous makeup. 

Fluttering eyelashes with trendy white eye pencils adds on to your beauty ladies! 

And there you go with the quickest makeup look also with Neon Miss Rose Eyeliner.

4. Sheer Looks

The most common trends of the season are also simple and decent looking makeup hacks. If you don't wanna go with the illuminated looks then there is a second option too. After a long trend of the dramatic makeup season finally, the natural looks are in. Just adding a minimal powder with a glimpse of highlighter where needed and a vibrant lip color. 


5- Classy things never get outdated

If we talk about those classy and bold looks they never go out of fashion.

As this world is round so is the circle of the fashion trends they always keep on repeating the classy stuff.

These classy red lipsticks, bold eyeliners, and peachy blushes are something that always adds on to your beauty.

These classy trends always go equally beautiful in every era.

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