Miss Rose 18-color Eyeshadow Palette
Miss Rose Nude Sunset Desert Eyeshadow Palette
Miss Rose Nude 18-color  Eyeshadow Palette
Miss Rose Nude Sunset Desert Eyeshadow
Miss Rose Nude Sunset Desert Eyeshadow Palette
Nude Sunset Desert Eyeshadow Palette Miss Rose

Miss Rose Sunset Desert Eyeshadow Palette

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Why are eyeshades used?

Eyeshadows are used to give illusion, dimensions and depth to the eyes of the wearer. Give glamorous enhanced looks to the eye by complementing eye hues.

Eye looks larger due the illusion created by different pigments applied and blended together and draws attention towards your sleepy dark eyes.

Who Invented the eyeshadows?

Ancient Egyptians are the first one who invented the eyeshadow back to 12000 years ago.They use his product to create an illusion of huge eyes like they mostly apply eye shades in curved lines like cat eyes.kohl was used most of the time to represent the Royal Members.

How eyeshadows are created now?

The basic composition of eyeshadows contains diluent also known as base filler that is talc and mica and some eyeshadows use kaolin clay instead of talc. Some binding ingredients such as zinc compounds or magnesium compounds are used so that eyeshadows stick to the eyes for a longer duration.

How many types of eyeshades exit?

Eyeshadows comes in different hues, glitters and textures. Forms contain  cream, mousse , powder, pencil, liquid or in gel form.it depends upon the need of the user.

Is eyeshadow made out of bat poop? 

It's a Hoax that eyeshadows are created with bat poop. Reason behind this urban legend is that bat poop contains the material known as Guanine and similarly fish scales also have that guanine used in different cosmetic products,so when they find the same ingredient on the product they become scared but that is not true. FDA gave strict orders about eyeshadow ingredients that use fish scales guanine.

Is eye shadow toxic?

If your eyeshadow eyeliner or mascara contains "Carbon black" a powdered toxic item then it is toxic that may cause skin cancer and other skin infections.

Our Product:

  • Eye shadow is easy to spread.
  • High pigmentation and easy to blend.
  • The powder is smooth and long-lasting.
  • 100% Brand New and High-class quality.
  • The palette box designed is very beautiful.
  • Eyeshadow Palette is made from 18 colors smooth shimmer and matte texture powder.
  • Perfect for professional smoky eyes makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup.
  • Weight:215g
  • Quantity:1 pc
  • Size:17.6*10*3cm
  • Shelf Life:3 years

Package Included:

1 x Eye Shadow Palette


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