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Miss Rose

Miss Rôse® Professional Make-Up

Miss Rôse® Professional Make-Up is a Chinese brand that is now accessible in a number of countries, including Pakistan. You've probably seen hundreds of products from this brand, including eye shadow palettes in a variety of stunning and appealing colors. They are appealing enough to buy and add to your kit. This brand's Professional 3 D Make-Up comes in 60 different eye shadow colors, 2 different blush colors, 12 different high gloss colors, and 3 different face powder colors.


Flaunt Your Miss Rose Cosmetics


Do you like to flaunt your gorgeous cosmetics when you're out of your house, and do you want people to ask you what Lippie you're wearing and other such questions?


Budget Friendly Products

If you don't like to appear nice while staying within your budget, believe this fact that this brand will exceed your expectations and is now on many people's wish lists. All of the things I carried with me were fantastic.

Are you the one who wanted to find out more about Miss Rose items because your worldwide branded makeup was running out?


Finally, the products from your favorite international makeup brands ran out.


We recommend that you acquire Miss Rose goods right away if you are a habitual makeup user who has used brands such as Mac, Clinique, Smashbox, Benefit, and Estee Lauder, among others. These goods are good, however if you use the foundation, primer, eye shadow, and liquid liner every day because you are the type of lady who doesn't leave the house without makeup, these items are excellent and reasonably priced.

Affordable and Well Known


The product, not the brand, is what you pay for. When you try Miss Rose cosmetics, you will be glad you did. It's quite

inexpensive. If you wish to test Miss Rose goods, start with the liquid liner; it is really simple to use, and we are confident that you will gradually but steadily purchase the rest of the range.

Miss Rose Official is the official store in Pakistan that sells a variety of cosmetics and accessories.


Miss Rôse® Professional Make-Up products have skin-friendly ingredients to fulfill the beauty demands of every woman. Miss Rose Eye Shadows, liquid foundations, and lip creams are just a few examples. For more collections, go to the home section.


Largest Miss Rose Retailers


Miss Rose Official is one of Pakistan's largest Miss Rose retailers. We have approximately over two hundred cosmetics products in our collection. We give our customers a genuine Miss Rose beauty look.


With our imitation smooth kits, you may achieve the full-face looks of your desires. This flexible assortment of face and eye shadow pairs works perfectly with your skin, as well as creams, liquids, and powders, to delicately deposit makeup pigment with precision using your makeup applying accessories.


Legitimate Miss Rose Makeup Sellers


Blending, buffing, and creating alluring effects like a pro has never been easier, however Miss Rose official is the

legitimate product seller all over Pakistan. You may have a simple application on the go by using our goods.

We constantly provide fresh and appealing items to the Pakistani market, and we add new makeup products every month to meet the needs of beauty lovers.

Miss Rose Official is the official and famous makeup store in Pakistan and offers a wide range of make-up accessories. 

Miss Roseis one of the best sellers that use skin-friendly ingredients to create our products to meet the diverse beauty needs of women. Such as Miss Rose Eye Shadows,liquid foundationsand lip creams, etc. Visit the store online for more collections.

Miss Rose Official is one of the largest Miss Rose sellers in Pakistan. We have more than two hundred makeup products. We provide a true Miss Rose beauty appearance to the customer.

Get the full-face looks of your dreams with our illusion smooth kits. This versatile collection of face and eye shadows works perfectly with your skin and liquids, creams, and powders to gently deposit makeup pigment with precision with your available makeup applying accessories. 

It’s never been easier to buff, blend and create alluring effects like a pro but Miss Rose official is the real product seller all around Pakistan. With our products, you can have an effortless application on the go.

We always bring new demanding and attractive products in the market of Pakistan and add new products every month according to the beauty lover requirements.