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Miss Rose Makeup Fixer and Setting Spray

Miss Rose Makeup Fixer and Setting Spray

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When you have applied all makeup on your face; foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc. you don’t it to become caky and dull. We have brought a special product for you, A makeup fixer is just a spray that makes your makeup stays on the skin longer, it is just like a setting spray for your hair to stay as you want them, except it is for your makeup. It's a lightweight spray that sets all sorts of makeup and keeps it in place for longer, even in the most severe situations. It forms a sweat-proof, rubbing-resistant barrier that keeps makeup appear fresh for up to 12 hours.

Why you’ll love it

· It is an alcohol-free formula, makeup is protected from the sunlight.

· It provides an invisible protective layer on the makeup to help it stays longer and protect it from the external environment.

· With our product, makeup can last as long as 12 hours.

· It provides ultra-fine mist which delivers a weightless and durable matt finish and minimizes pores.

· Provides necessary moisture to the skin to refresh it and let the make last longer.

· It helps in improving skin tone.

· It provides long-lasting protection to your makeup with a nice clean finish.

· It is an ultra-lightweight and fast-drying formula.

· You can also apply it after applying foundation and then apply the rest of the makeup to it.

How to Apply

Use this after you have applied all your makeup or after applying foundation, once it dries, apply the rest of the makeup to it.

After applying your makeup, including blush, mascara, etc. Hold it at almost 30cm or 11 inches away from your face and spay it and let it dry. Use a tissue to speed up the drying process.

Note: Due to lighting conditions, the product may not look as it is looking in the picture attached above.

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